Garage Door Springs

Installing a garage door will require a set of tools!

Garage Door Springs

There are several parts in a garage door, and while some are visible from outside, there are some more which do their work from behind the screens. Garage door springs are one of the latter kinds of parts.

Ask any expert about what is the most important part of a garage door opener, and he will instantly tell you that it is the set of springs which help hoist and close the garage door. In fact, it is not the motor of the garage door opener that is doing the job of opening and closing the garage door. The motor just uses the stored energy of the springs to move along the track, and along the way, the door is also opened and closed. That is why there is a small HP motor that is used most of the time in a garage door opener. The rest of the energy is contributed by the springs.

There are two major kinds of garage door springs.

  • 1. Torsion springs, and
  • 2. Extension springs.

Torsion springs are the ones which are wound up on a rod over the garage door opening. These are the springs which have a lot of pent up energy - owing to the fact that they are tightly wound up while installation. And these are the springs where it is most likely that something may go wrong - in the sense that they could get unwound or cracked with heavy usage. Replacing torsion springs is quite a tricky thing, and unless the person is a real expert, it is not recommended that you get him to do it. One more thing - there are a lot of do-it-yourself garage door opener kits available outside, and when something goes wrong in usage, the repair also is usually done by the home owner. If you are that kind of a home owner, one word of caution - the torsion springs are no play thing, and unless you are extremely confident, don't try replacing or adjusting them. There have been several cases of people getting seriously injured because they tried to fiddle around with the tension on those springs. It is best to call in an expert.

Garage Door SpringsThe second kind of garage door springs is the extension kind, and they are normally found on the door tracks. Like the name suggests, these are the springs which extend and close a garage door or come back to their normal position and open it. Depending on the kind of garage door you have at home, you will have extension springs that are top mounted or left / right mounted based on the position of the tracks. Though not as difficult as replacing the torsion springs, there is considerable danger in replacing these springs also if the person is not trained, and if he doesn't have the right kind of tools. So why take the risk?

These are the two kinds of garage door springs which are normally seen - irrespective of the kind of garage door opener in use.

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