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US Garage Doors offers complete line of garage doors and openers to suit your needs and preferences. We Sale, Service and Repair all types of residential garage doors, openers and devices.

If you are searching for a unique glass garage door, aluminum garage door or an old fashion wood garage door with decorative hardware on, you got to the right place. We can provide you a top quality garage door but at the same time to keep an affordable and competitive price. Make sure to check our specials!!!

Something is wrong with your garage door? No worries! We can send out a professional experienced technician to inspect and repair your garage door, we work with all leading brands such as: Liftmaster, Genie, Linear, Marantec, Stanley, Craftsman, Sears, Chamberlain and many more.

We service and repair any:

  • Broken garage door torsion springs
  • Off track garage door
  • Garage door openers
  • Photo eye sensor for garage door
  • Broken garage door glass
  • Bottom weather strip for garage door
  • Cable snap from side of garage door
  • Broken spring on a one piece door
  • Programming for garage door remotes and clickers
  • Emergency garage door key relies (to open from the outside)
  • Sectional garage door repair (replace one section)
  • Garage door service and lubrication
  • Repair or replace garage door sectional door side tracks.
  • Install wall mount garage door operator control.

US Garage Doors carries wide selection of garage doors such as:

  • Steel / Aluminum non-insulated sectional garage door
  • Steel / Aluminum insulated sectional garage door (vinyl back or steel back)
  • Wood sectional garage doors (stain grade or paint grade)
  • Wood one-piece garage doors (stain grade or paint grade)
  • Steel one-piece garage doors, insulated or non-insulated
  • Glass garage doors, sectional with variety glass types, clear, frosted.
  • Window designs, we carry huge number of garage door upper section windows options
  • Garage door openers with optional backup battery system. 1/3HP garage door opener, HP garage door openers and 3/4HP garage door openers for heavy doors. All the openers come with a remote and wall mount control unit.

We also allow you to custom design your own doors so you will get the door you always wish to have. We use only high security openers and accessories that are top name, quality products to insure safety and reliable installation with our well-known warranty.

When choosing a garage door, you are making an investment that will last for many years and could account for up to 20% of the front of your home. At US Garage Doors, you will find a large variety of designs and styles to choose from and different types of finishes and options. Always remember that our doors and frames are designed with security in mind and have a complete option for high-security and multi-point locking to protect your home from burglaries.

Residential Steel Sectional & One Piece Doors

All steel garage doors that we provide made from American made steel that has been galvanized to resist rust. The doors are then prepainted with a primer and tough polyester top coat providing years of low maintenance and beauty. We also provide one piece garage door that is tilt-up. Safety is on top of our mind, we use the latest safety technology on our steel doors to help prevent injuries to fingers and hands.

Residential Wood Sectional & One Piece Carriage Doors

We make the finest garage doors available! Our high-quality residential carriage doors are made from quality materials and designed to last for years to come. The unique design of old style wood doors will compliment and give your home a unique exterior look. Our overhead doors are custom made from quality wood to ensure beauty and durability for many years, Garage doors that are made from wood are usually heavier than the steel doors and can handle up to 140 mph win-load capacity. We carry Sectional or one-piece doors for your choice.

Residential Sectional Glass Garage Doors

Contemporary glass garage door or Aluminum glass garage doors will give a unique modern look to your house. We offer a full-view aluminum garage doors that can be coupled with designer glass to blend with contemporary house designs. At US Garage Doors we custom your door to be a perfect match with your existing house design, you can chose from clear glass, hammered glass, frosted glass, reeded glass, and many other glazing options. Our aluminum glass garage door framing can be clear anodized aluminum or a bronze anodized aluminum as well we can have dozens of powder coating colors.

Glass garage doors will most likely be heavier then steel garage doors, that's why we carry only doors with are build from high tensile aluminum strength to maximized durability and minimize door maintenance.

Glass Options Aluminum frame Finish Options
  • 1/8" Clear Glass (DSB)
  • 1/8" Obscure Frosted Glass
  • 1/8" Tempered Clear Glass
  • 1/8" Tempered Obscure Frosted Glass
  • 1/8" Solar Bronze Glass
  • 1/8" Reeded Glass
  • 1/8" Hammered Glass
  • 1/4" Clear Glass
  • 1/2" Insulated Clear Glass
  • Clear Anodized Aluminum (standard)
  • Painted white option at no charge
  • Bronze Anodized Aluminum
  • 100

Openers & Accessories

Did you know that homes without automatic openers are more than six times as likely to have garage door accidents than homes with openers? Well, now you do. US Garage Doors recommends and offer only high-security and multi-point locking that are proven to protect your home from burglaries, we use top name quality products to compliment your installation.

There are 3 basic types of drive systems available for garage door openers: screw drive, chain drive and belt drive, the openers comes in 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower (hp) motors. Garage door openers will open most garage doors up to 20 feet wide, and 9 feet high. Some of the drives has an Emergency Disconnect function that allows you to disengage the garage door opener from outside the garage door in case of a power failure. This is necessary for garages with no access door

A federal law requires that automatic garage door openers be equipped with infrared beam / photo eye or sensing edge. All residential openers that we provide come with one or the other. The harmless infrared beam projects across the garage door opening. If the beam is interrupted while the door is closing, the door automatically reverses. The instant reverse feature senses any contact with an object and automatically reverses. These safety features protect children pets and objects that left under the door. Additional accessories such as exterior entry systems and emergency key releases may be installed by request.

Safety & Proper Garage Door operation

Automatic garage door openers can trap children under the door and cause serious injury or death.

As of 1993, new safety-feature requirements increased the sensitivity of the reversal mechanism on garage door openers. But thousands of openers manufactured earlier are still in use. We suggest that you remove or replace a garage door opener manufactured prior to 1993. Also test your door monthly by closing it on a new, large roll of paper towels. If the door fails to reverse, disconnect the opener until a professional service organization corrects the problem.

  • Do not stand or walk under a moving door.
  • Know how to use the emergency release pull cord.
  • Discuss garage door safety with children.
  • Keep the door in sight until it completely stops moving.
  • Make a monthly inspection. (Look at springs, cables, rollers, and hardware, check for signs of wear)
  • Make sure your opener has a safety reverse feature. (If not, it should be replaced)
  • Balance the door. (With the door in the down position, release the emergency release pull cord, you should be able to lift the door smoothly with a
  • little resistance. It should stay open around 3-4 feet above the floor. If it dose not, it needs adjustment)
  • Refer to your owners manual for lubrication recommendations.

This information is provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Safety Council and the Industry Coalition for Automatic Garage Door Opener Safety.

Garage Door Quick Troubleshooting

As appreciation for our customers we would like to provide you with few common garage door problems and possibly to save you a service call charge...

Remote not working from short range

  • Check your batteries and replace if needed.
  • Programmed codes may have been lost due to a power outage or power surge. Re-program your remote.
  • Make sure your remote is not too close to inside roof of car.

Reprogramming your Liftmaster garage door opener remote: (For other remote programming feel free to call us for instructions)

  • Push button on your remote clicker.
  • Push "Smart Learn Button" (square, green) on the back of your operator.

To erase all existing remote codes:

  • Push "Smart Button" (square, green) on the back of your opener and hold it for about 15 seconds.
  • The light will flash and you can let go.

Door only goes down part way, stops and goes back up / Door dose not close. Lights on opener flashing.

  • Check photo eyes sensor (small black boxes on the framing near the bottom of your garage door usually installed on the garage door tracks with a small bracket). Make sure the lights are on in both eyes. If no lights are on, call for service.
  • If one photo eye light is on, but the other light is off, they have been knocked out of alignment. Take the photo eye with the light that is off and move it until the light comes on. There is a small butterfly bolt that you can loosen to move the photo eyes into alignment. Be sure to tighten the butterfly bolt after you make your adjustments. Also check to make sure the vibration of the door does not make the photo eye go off again.

Opener motor runs but garage door does not close.

  • Might be broken gearbox, Belt broken, Chain off sprocket or Spring(s) broken. Do you see a 2" gap in coils or white plastic grounded?

Opener light does not come on when door opens

  • Burned out bulb or bad light socket on the opener.

Garage door opener light does not go off after the delay period of time.

  • Is the main light switch on the wall mount is on?
  • Check photo eye sensor, is the photo eye beam being tripped by someone or something passing in front of it?

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