Garage Door Spring Repair

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs bear the entire brunt of the extremely heavy garage door which generally weighs around three hundred pounds or more. And it is expected that a garage door spring can sustain seven thousand openings before it gives any kind of a trouble. This means that one can heavily rely on the garage door springs for about six to seven years but that too, if and only if they are properly serviced and lubricated at regular intervals of time. Otherwise the kind of damage it is capable of causing is truly unimaginable. And because of this, it is strictly recommended that one avoid to a great extent to do the entire repair by themselves and more so when the garage door spring is the torsion spring kind.

When the springs are re-lubricated with oil from time to time they do not give out any noise and function smoothly too. There is a lot of emphasis on maintenance aspect as far as the garage door springs are concerned because it is the springs that are crucial for the lifting and lowering of heavy weighing garage doors. Even if the garage doors are automatic, no action is instigated if the springs are not in good running condition.

A garage door spring repair can kick off when you rightly identify the kind of spring it comes with. Torsion spring and extension spring are the only two types of garage door springs available. While it is easy to repair the extension spring all by yourself, the torsion spring repairs requires the services of a skilled and an experimented technician who is well aware of the probabilities as to where the repair in the springs could occur. Depending on the situation, he might replace the spring and this requires the help of two people as the garage doors are really massive in both weight and height. There are a set of tools that one would need for the garage door spring repair which as a layman we would not possess at home. A professional help in this aspect is very much needed as it is highly impossible for an amateur to tackle the repair all by himself, both on the complexity front as well as on the safety front.

While the repair is on, it is advised to put some lock in the form of pliers under the rollers so that the garage doors do not fall down with a big thud and the movement in the garage door track is arrested which would otherwise cause a lot of havoc. You can check out for the condition of the pulley and in case you spot a lot of wear and tear you may definitely consider replacing them with new ones. The main thing that one should check out with the garage door spring repair is whether the springs are intact or broken. If broken, they are to be immediately replaced by new ones lest it should give way and cause a lot of damage to the vehicle, or to the person or to the property too. Ideally the same type of springs is to be replaced and the new ones should be identical to the old ones in all dimensions.

Garage Door Spring Repair

When the repair work is going on it is strictly advised that the garage door be locked and that too in down position so that it does not rise when the repair work is in progress. And the garage door opener has to be unplugged completely. Garage door spring repair with torsion spring is much more dangerous when compared to the extension spring because the former because the springs are subjected to a lot of tension when the garage door is locked in down position. Even if it is a professional at work, he should take care that he has a well balanced stable ladder and safety glasses on as a precautionary measure.

As the garage door spring repair is quite a dangerous job it is strictly suggested to get it done through qualified technicians who can perform the job adroitly. Our certified and insured technicians will see on you and will submit an evaluation report if you seek one.

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