Garage Door Installation

Installing a garage door will require a set of tools!

Garage Door Installation

Though garage doors are big and bulky contraptions which are said to be the largest moving parts in the house, they also happen to be one of the most popular do it yourself gadgets at home. Ready made sets are available in the stores and online, and it is a very exciting weekend task for the whole family! In fact, some of the most popular companies including Chamberlain sell do it yourself kits as customers want it that way!

But it is not necessary that all garage doors need to be installed by the home owners. Though a good percentage of home owners like to do it themselves, a majority of people buying garage doors ask the company professionals to come and install it for them; and if you are thinking about buying an advanced model of garage door with a lot of features, it would make sense that you ask the company to help you in installation. Especially if you are picking out a garage door with an automatic door opener, it makes sense for the pros to install it, so that you don't hurt yourself.

Installing a garage door will require a set of tools, and they are not too special. Most of the garages where people like doing home repairs themselves will anyway have these hardware items. Here are a few necessary tools

  • Length
  • Inside Diameter
  • Wire Size, and
  • Type of end

Though it sounds technical, it isn't in reality, and the names of the characteristics pretty much sum up their meaning. But we normally don't hear about these daily, as they come pre-loaded with the garage door opener that we choose. It is only when the extension springs of our garage door turn up with some problem that we rush and get the manual book that we've forgotten someplace after the garage door was installed by the company people! The manual will contain all the necessary characteristics mentioned above.

Garage Door InstallationGarage door extension springs have three types of ends, which are decided based on the weight of the door which they have to operate. For lighter doors of less than 200 pounds, a double loop or an open loop extension spring end will do. For heavier doors of over 200 pounds, the end of the extension spring is most likely clipped. Garage door extension springs for residential use are normally fitted with lift increments of 10 pounds. So if you have a garage door that is heavier than your neighbor, your garage door will need extension springs which have higher lifting power than your neighbor's garage door. Not that it makes a difference to you - your garage door expert will anyway take care of it all. But it is nice to know!

Like a lot of other products used in garage doors, the length of extension springs also is standardized. For normal 8' high garage doors, the size of the extension spring is 27", not including the loops at the end. For a 7' garage door, the spring is 25" in size. Then there are two kinds of designs in which extension springs are available. While one is the common two spring design, the other is the pulley design, which can make do with just one spring. But like we said earlier, these technicalities will anyway be handled by your garage door installation company. Just be sure that you engage the services of a professional company.

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