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Concord is the largest city in Contra Costa County, California, with a population well over 120,000. There are several historical sites in the area, and the climate is mild in both winter and summer. The annual jazz festival attracts visitors from afar. The many commuters to the Bay Area can benefit from the services of a Concord garage door company.

Springs are what keeps a garage door from being too heavy to lift. Extension springs are mostly used for small or old garage doors, are found on either side of the door. These springs are required by California law to have a containment cable to protect brave homeowners who attempt this repair themselves. Torsion springs, located above the door in larger and newer garages, are incredibly dangerous to repair or adjust. To avoid serious injury or death, please contact a Concord garage door service for help with a broken torsion spring.

Those with a long commute appreciate the convenience of an electric garage door opener. Belt drives are the quietest and least likely to wake a sleeping baby in the house, these are manufactured by Marantec, Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster. Genie makes screw drive motors that will work almost forever without maintenance. For those on a budget, chain drives are the cheapest kind of garage door openers. Ask a local Concord garage door company for help deciding which opener will best fit your household.

Proper lubrication will keep your garage door opening smoothly and properly for years to come. About four times a year, apply a thin coat of lightweight oil to the moving parts. Spray oil works best for this. Check with a Concord garage door repair company for help with more extensive maintenance, such as spring adjustments.

After a long commute, a remote control for the garage door opener is a huge relief. For densely populated areas, rolling code systems like Genie Intellicode, Clicker, and Liftmaster Security are the safest. A static code system like Multi Code is a more affordable option for those with few neighbors or additional security.

In a busy neighborhood, garage door safety sensors help keep kids, pets, and property safe. Infrared sensors or photo eye sensors maintain a beam between two sensors beneath the garage door. If the beam is broken, the door will not close. If the door is closing and the beam is broken or the door contacts an object, it will automatically reverse direction.

Garage door replacement is one of the biggest and most complicated home repairs, especially when the job needs to be completed in a single day. A local Concord garage door service will know the area and can do the job efficiently. Avoid being oversold a garage door, with such mild winters here, you don't need a super-insulated steel door. Wood, aluminum, and glass doors are a great option and can change the look of your whole property.

There are some garage door repairs you can attempt yourself. To repair a door that is off the track or a broken emergency release, make sure to round up a few friends to help. If you choose to install weather stripping or rubber on the bottom of the door, be prepared for a frustrating task. Most homeowners aren't equipped to replace a single damaged section of a door without damaging nearby sections. Calling a garage door repair company in Concord may be your best option.

If your garage door has suddenly become immensely heavy on one side, you may have a cable problem. Cables can become loose or slip off the drum at the top of the door, or even break. If the door no longer opens smoothly, the track may be bent. You can try straightening it by hitting it with a hammer if you are patient. If you are determined to do it yourself, you can fix a lot of these problems. However, a professional garage door company in Concord can do the job quickly and easily without making the mistakes in track replacement and cable adjustment that often result from home repairs.

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