Garage Door Opener Remote

Installing a garage door will require a set of tools!

Garage Door Opener Remote

While the first garage door openers were to be operated with a switch, the more recent ones have all gone wireless, and there are various kinds of remote controllers that can be used in them now.

We sometimes still see people prefer the old fashioned button operated garage door openers, and that is fine too, if they are more convenient with it, but the future certainly belongs to the remote variant. It is in fact, much like the car door opener itself. Gone are the days when keys were used to open cars. The modern cars of today have keyless entry as a standard feature, and remote controllers come even for the cheapest car out there.

The same goes for garage door openers too and there are many new variants of remotes that have come up. Here are some of the most popular options.

  • The fob on your car key ring; and
  • The controller hanging from your car's sun visor.

Convenience is the name of the game, and no car owner wants to carry two different remote controls - one for opening the car and another for opening the garage door. So garage door companies obliged and now the garage door opener is embedded on to the fob which opens your car. It is quite simple actually. Since the car remotes operate on a frequency, setting the garage door onto a different frequency and putting in a transmitter in the fob can help open the garage door as well. It was funny in the early days - read as the 1950s - when transmitters were still new in technology and the frequency range was quite limited. So it was quite common to see a device at the neighbor's house being triggered when one fob was pressed! But now there can be an unlimited number of frequencies that can be operated on a key fob, and that is how we are confident that our cars and garages are safe.

Garage Door Opener RemoteThe second option is also quite simple really. There is a little controller device that hangs from the sun visor of your car (or your internal rear view mirror), and there is a button which triggers the garage door opening mechanism. Since it hangs in the interior of your car, you know that it cannot be misused - unless the car is stolen, of course. And normally there is a duplicate at home, which can be used to get in and deactivate the remote just in case. There are also options where the garage door opener automatically detects the car and opens up. It is more of a fashion fad than anything else, and consumes a lot more electricity as it continuously emits a beacon to scan for the car in the vicinity.

There are many more kinds of garage door opener remotes, but like we said, these are the most common ones in use today. If you don't have a remote set on your garage door opener yet, time to get one! It is not just for convenience - it is much safer too.

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