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Get professional sales and service with Pasadena garage door company, same day service and emergency garage door repair and available to you 24 hour 7 days a week

Living in Pasadena is a wonderful experience in itself. You are very near to the rush and hurry of Los Angeles, and yet you can live peacefully in a cozy environment, free from all troubles that come with a mega polis like Los Angeles. Pasadena is a small and cozy town with population as per the last census less than two hundred thousand. However, it has one major law that creates a huge need for your own garage at home. Pasadena does not allow free parking on the roads, and paid parking passes are available for about sixty dollars a month per car. This is not applicable for a second car, creating the need for a garage of your own, if you own a second car. Either way, parking a car on the road has many risks that need to be kept in mind, or there can be no better idea than having your own garage. If you are thinking of getting a garage fitted in your house, contact Pasadena garage doors, and we will provide you a free estimate for the installation, for the garage beam, the garage door and the garage opener together.

We offer the best quality of garage doors from the best brands like liftmaster, Genie, Sears, Linear etc. We also have a wide variety of doors from these companies along with some custom-made garage doors that come in really cool designs. At Pasadena garage doors, we understand that the garage doors are not only a security device to store your car, but also add value to the overall aesthetics of the house. We hence have some really cool and innovative designs, which you can find nowhere else. Along with the traditional ceiling mounted garage door openers, we also offer wall mounted garage door openers. Unlike the ceiling mounted garage door openers, the wall-mounted ones are far less noisy and are much easier to maintain, as you would also agree once you have a setup of wall mounted garage door openers at home.

Pasadena garage doors are not only about sales, we talk of the best service of garage doors in town. Some of the exclusive services we offer are:

  • Garage door contractor in Pasadena for installations & Repairs
  • Repair of garage door remote control
  • Fixing door opener
  • Repair of stuck garage door
  • Putting the door back on track
  • Garage door keypad repair
  • Solving electrical problems with the remote, sensor
  • liftmaster garage door opener
  • skylink garage door opener
  • genie garage door opener prices
  • intellicode garage door opener
  • garage door opener remotes
  • craftsman garage door opener
  • allstar garage door opener
  • liftmaster garage door opener prices
  • chamberlain liftmaster garage door opener
  • garage door replacement
  • aluminum garage door
  • fix garage door panel
  • garage door extension springs

Once you see the quality of our service, you would never approach another vendor for any service issue related to garages. At Pasadena garage doors we believe in giving the customer the finest service standards, by keeping him always satisfied and fulfilling his need immediately. Even in the middle of the night if you give us a call, you can be rest assured a technician coming along and help solving your problem. If you do take a maintenance contract with us, we would do frequent visits to your house, and check the quality of the garage, the door, the door opener etc and do regular maintenance so that you do not face any contingencies suddenly,

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