Universal Garage Door Opener

Technology is awesome, and convenience is the name of the game.

Universal Garage Door Opener

As modern technology makes more and more gadgets for our use, it simultaneously ensures that we don't need to carry too much stuff around by clubbing the ones which can be done so. One prime example is the universal remote which we have at home for operating TVs, DVD players, Music systems, and Home theatres together!

Similarly, we have universal garage door openers which work on most of the popular models of garage doors available in the market today.

The simplest reason why one would need a universal garage door opener is so that it can be used as spare. While the garage door opener will come with two remotes during installation, several home owners use a universal garage door opener to keep at home. This is to play safe so that if the remote is lost, they don't get stranded.

Unlike what a lot of people think, universal garage door openers don't mean they can open all kinds of garages in everyone's homes. While the modern universal garage door openers can open over 80% of the garage doors, it is necessary that the door openers be pre-programmed. A universal controller will usually allow the owner to open multiple doors, but they need to be programmed separately. There are various ways of programming a universal garage door opener, and most of the good models will have detailed instructions to guide the user in the process, included in the pack. While some of the garage doors need to be found by pressing the switched in the universal remote, some other brands need the owner to press a button on the door opener motor, and then the remote needs to be configured.

There have been a lot of security concerns raised about a universal remote for garage door openers, and there is some semblance of truth in it. But then, like we said, one remote cannot open every garage you come across. Most of the garage door openers will need to be individually programmed with the universal remote, and the more advanced options will also need the user to press a key on the motor house. So it is wrong to assume that every single garage door can be opened just because one universal remote is purchased!

Universal Garage Door Opener

However, there are some models of garage door openers which cannot be opened with universal garage door remote controls. For instance, there are some models of Genie and Chamberlain garage door openers, which don't work with universal remotes. That is why we mentioned earlier that about 80% of the garage doors in use can be operated with a universal opener.

The first models of these door openers were quite bulky, and it was quite difficult to lug them around. However, the recent models are very small, and can be hung from the visor inside your car, so you can use them as a normal door opener - albeit with additional benefits of opening both your office and home garage doors. Check them out.

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