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Citrus Heights was the fifth city to incorporate in Sacramento County. The city averages 268 sunny days per year, and has a vibrant shopping district as well as a substantial residential community. Visitors may visit the Rusch Botanical Gardens as well as the Sunrise Mall. Homes in Citrus Heights are affordable, with the majority being single family residences. With a robust real estate market, homeowners may want to contact a Citrus Heights garage door service for information on increasing the value of their home.

Springs are an integral part of a functioning garage door. Powerful coils help lift the weight of the door so that one person is capable of opening it. Older and smaller doors may use extension springs, which are located on either side of the door opening. Some homeowners are willing to tackle the job of replacing or repairing these smaller springs. Large and heavy garage doors usually open with the aid of torsion springs. These powerful springs sit above the garage door and can be very risky to work with. Every home repair store will recommend that you seek the services of a Citrus Heights garage door repair company for help with torsion springs.

An electric garage door opener is a modern convenience that is expected in a residential home. For the quietest and smoothest operation, a belt drive motor from Marantec, Liftmaster, Sears Craftsman, or Chamberlain is an excellent choice. For unusual reliability, a screw drive motor from Genie is a good idea. Chain drive motors are also an option for those on a budget. A local garage door company in Citrus Heights can help you decide which type is right for your garage.

To keep your garage door operating smoothly, be sure to perform proper maintenance lubrication regularly. A light coat of spray oil applied to the moving parts will help prevent problems. Be sure to check and lubricate your garage door mechanism every three or four months.

A remote control garage door opener is a major convenience in a residential home. The Genie Intellicode system uses rolling code technology to prevent someone from opening your garage with their own remote. The Liftmaster Security remotes light up at night to help you find the correct button, and the Clicker remote can open two different doors from different brands with a single device. The Multi Code system works with older technology but is a good choice for those on a budget.

If your garage door predates the use of safety sensors, you will want to have it replaced before selling your home. These infrared or photo eye sensors prevent children and pets from becoming trapped by a closing door. A properly working safety system will reverse the closing door if anything is under it.

A new garage door can change the entire look of your home and add curb appeal to your property. Tilt-up doors are outdated, a sectioned wood or aluminum door can be very affordable. A glass garage door can provide a modern and eye-catching addition to a home. Steel doors with heavy insulation are not a necessity in the modern winter here in Citrus Heights. Garage door companies can help you find the right look for your house.

Weather stripping and rubber on the bottom of a garage door can prevent water and pests from damaging items inside. These are difficult for a homeowner to install correctly. If the garage door is off track or the emergency release is broken, call a Citrus Heights garage door company for assistance rather than tackling the problem yourself. If a section of your door is damaged, it may be possible to replace it without buying an entire new door.

Garage door tracks and cables help the door open smoothly and easily even with one person doing the job. If it takes more than one person to open your garage door, or if one side is easier to open, you may have a problem with a cable or the track. You may be able to repair a bent track with a hammer and a lot of patience, but it can be difficult to tell when the entire track needs to be replaced. If one or both cables is snapped, loose, or has come off the drum at the top of the door, the springs will not help lift the weight. Unless you want to round up several friends to help lift the heavy door manually, your best option is to call a local Citrus Heights garage door repair company for assistance.

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