Overhead Garage Door repair

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Overhead Garage Door repair

Popular with both commercial garages as well as residential garages, the overhead garage doors are found to be highly effective in using the available space because the garage door remains on top of your vehicle when it is open and pulls upwards from the bottom. There are different types of overhead garage doors you might wish to go in for as they are available in fiberglass, wooden and steel garage doors. While the first two are considered to be attractive, the steel doors are considered to be absolutely maintenance free. And the overhead garage door repair generally comes only in the form of a minor hardware replacement which any garage owner can do it himself using the instructions manual.

Reversal technology is a major plus point with the overhead garage doors. It immediately rolls back if it encounters a block in its tracks after waiting for more than three seconds time. This is indeed an indication that there is something faulty in the tracks that needs immediate attention. Generally a lot of grime and dust get collected over the tracks and cause a blockage to the doors. Timely servicing and cleaning the entire system would ensure the smooth movement of the overhead garage doors. Re-lubricating the springs with oil would also contribute to the swift movement of the doors.

One major advantage with the overhead garage doors is that its pace could be changed while closing and opening the garage door. They come at moderate speed by default but it can be changed according to their necessity by the user. And in case if one finds that it is not functioning well in the higher or lower speeds, it is definitely time to call for a professional opinion who would be ready to assess the condition of the overhead garage doors and remedy the situation.

One has to check out on the rubber belts for any kind of sounds they hear because it is these units on which the doors completely operate on and is absolutely noiseless while in use. If you detect any kind of noise, then perhaps the rubber belts need some lubrication or a replacement. Vacuum cleaning of the entire frame or the tracks would free the path for the overhead garage doors from any kind of obstacles which would have got deposited over a period of time in the form of dust and dirt.

Yet another advantage with this door is the vacation lock feature that it brings along. So, before you actually leave on a vacation, it is suggested that you check for its functionality and in case there is any discrepancy you can get it set before you actually leave because our expert technicians attend on any repairs the very same day that the complaint has been lodged. Check out for the metal tracks which might get loose because of constant usage of the overhead garage doors and tighten the bolts on the brackets so that everything is intact. Ensure that the alignment of the tracks of the door is proper. If you find any difference in the alignment, you can loosen the bolts on one side and put the track back into position with utmost care.

Overhead Garage Door repair

Cleaning and wiping the rollers and tracks while repair is compulsory. And also it is during this time that one has to check out for any loose hardware, check for the garage door springs and if you spot them broken or in a bad shape due to wear and tear, replace them immediately with the help of a certified technician. Though most of these chores are the do it yourself kinds, it is better to get it done from a professional technician as they know what is to be done in which effective way so that the entire job is completed within less time yet efficiently. We house licensed and insured certified technicians who are capable of dealing with any kind of repairs, replacements, maintenance and service of different types of garage doors. Get in touch for your garage door needs.

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