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Rocklin, California is located close to Sacramento, and many people who reside there commute to the big city for work. The population is slightly under 60,000, and it's almost always sunny. Shopping is a major pastime, with Toy Row, the Galleria, and the Blue Oaks Town Center being the major destinations. This is a somewhat historic area, with parts dating from 1850. As a residential community with some older areas, many homes could benefit from an updated garage door. There are several reliable Rocklin garage door services that can help.

The springs located inside the garage door are an integral part of the opening mechanism, without them the door would be much to heavy to lift. Many older garages have extension springs on either side of the garage door. If these break and prevent the door from opening without great effort, a handy homeowner can possibly repair them. Newer homes often have torsion springs located above the door, these are extremely powerful. For help with broken or damaged torsion springs, please contact a professional Rocklin garage door repair company.

Most garages now open with the aid of an electric opener in addition to the springs. Screw drive motors, like those produced by the Genie, are extremely reliable, if slow and sometimes noisy. Belt drive motors, produced by Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, and Marantec, are so quiet they won't wake a sleeping baby. Most of these companies also produce screw drive openers, and also affordable chain drive openers.

To help out the electric opener and keep the garage door functioning properly, a homeowner should inspect and lubricate the moving parts a few times a year. A coat of light oil is normally sufficient, and spray oil is generally the easiest way to do this.

The garage door remote is a convenience many homeowners couldn't live without. An electric opener also serves as a security device, and a remote with rolling code technology can make it even more secure. The older dip switch system, like Multi Code, uses a static code that is manually set between the remote and opener. Liftmaster Security, Clicker, and Genie Intellicode all offer rolling code remotes.

Garage door safety sensors are essential, not optional. These photo eye or infrared sensors shoot a beam under the garage door, and stop or reverse the door if there is anything under it. The door should also reverse if it contacts an object while closing. This is necessary to prevent damage or injury to children, pets, and personal property such as cars and bicycles. These can be installed, tested, and calibrated by a local Rocklin garage door service for safety and security.

A new garage door can add curb appeal and value to a home. Glass doors provide a very modern look, while sectioned aluminum or wood doors are popular and affordable. Windows in a garage door provide light even when the door is closed. Heavy insulated steel doors are unnecessary in a mild winter, and a good Rocklin garage door company will not try to oversell them.

If a section of a wood or aluminum garage door is damaged by a vehicle or weather, it is not necessary to replace the entire door. A reliable garage door company in Rocklin can replace a single section. A repair service can also put a door back on the tracks if it has come off, and repair a broken emergency release. Repair services can even save homeowners the hassle and frustration of installing weather stripping and rubber at the bottom of the garage door.

No matter which type of springs help a garage door open, there will be cables running from the bottom of the door to the drums at the top. These cables help use the power of the springs to open the door efficiently, but if one breaks or becomes loose, the door may become very heavy. Even if the cable is intact, it may have slipped off the drum and become useless. A bent garage door track also needs repair to keep the door on track and the springs aligned. A badly bent track should be replaced for safety. The garage door is usually the heaviest moving object in a house, and most of these repairs require manual lifting of the door. Wise homeowners save time and trouble by calling a professional Rocklin garage door repair company.

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