Residential Garage Doors

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Residential Garage Doors

One can in fact add a lot of glitz and value to their residence with the help of residential garage doors. Generally, the garage doors can come in different styles and basing on the look you have decided for the fašade of your house, you may choose the kind of garage doors you would want to be installed for your house. As this is going to be a one-time investment, at least for a period of ten to fifteen years, one has to take some extra time out to decide what type of residential garage doors they would want to install for their garage so that it not only gives a beautiful external appearance but also lasts long. The primary purpose of having garage doors is to provide protection for your vehicles. And therefore, you have to zero down on the ideal garage door that would give you the best in all aspects.

There are three different options for the material that you could choose from for your residential garage doors. They are:

1. Wooden Garage Doors: Residential garage doors made out of wood are in fact well insulated and give an extremely appealing look to your home. A small downside to this type of wooden garage doors is that the wood that is used might expand and contract, might warp and crack depending on the seasonal changes or with passing of time. There is quite a bit of maintenance that goes into the wooden garage doors. Giving it a re-paint or a re-finish at regular intervals of time will keep it in the pink of its condition and will not give a worn out look at all.

2. Steel Garage Doors: These residential garage doors are extremely robust and we could say that we are getting the value for every pie that we have invested in it. The kind of products that are available under steel garage doors have a wooden appearance which do not need any bit of maintenance that we have mentioned in the above case. As the garage doors are made out of steel, they differ in the quality grades that they are manufactured in. Depending on the budget and the compatibility it would have with the appearance of your home, you may invest in the steel residential garage doors.

3. Fibreglass Garage Doors: Unlike the wooden garage doors, the fiberglass residential garage doors do not at all call for any maintenance but still offer the timber effect. These doors can sustain any kind of seasonal or weather fluctuations and will not undergo any cracks or warps. They are light as well as resilient. One can wash both the exterior as well as the interior of the fiberglass doors twice in every year with some mild detergent so that they look neat and are well maintained.

Residential garage doors are in fact the largest part of the house that is blatantly visible. A well maintained garage door not only enhances the 'curb appeal' of the house, but also will increase its resale value if at all you plan to sell it in the future. There is no necessity to go in for the traditional residential garage doors for the purpose of safety and longevity. The contemporary designs too are equally strong and resilient and last for longer durations of time. And replacing the garage doors becomes easier with the contemporary models and makes it cost effective too.

If we now look into the types of residential garage doors there are basically two types. They are:

1. Tilt-up: These garage doors come in a single panel of the material and to open this door, it has to be pulled and pivoted up facilitating it to slide up along the garage roof.

2. Sectional roll-up: These doors come in horizontal sections with each section hinged on to the next one facilitating a lot of flexibility. The sectional roll-up door rests completely on rollers opening this door is absolutely effortless and easy.

Residential Garage Doors

From the monetary perspective, the latter are more expensive when compared to the former but it is well worth the investment. From the utilitarian perspective too, the latter occupy lesser room that the former.

Therefore, before making an investment think carefully about the wear and tear of the material, the frequency of its usage, the maintenance aspect and the financial aspect too and then go in for the type you deem fit basing on your needs and requirements.

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