Garage Door Opener

Installing a garage door will require a set of tools!

Garage Door Opener

One of the most exciting things to shop for while building a new home is the garage door. There are so many styles and so many variants in each of the styles; that a family will take quite some time to zero in on the model they like and are comfortable with.

And once the garage door is decided, the next step is to come up with garage door openers.

Today, having a garage door without a garage door opener is so passé. You don't want to have garage doors that need to be manually cranked up with a lever. That is not to say that you can't have them, but the days of automatic garage door openers being considered as luxuries are long gone. They have become necessities in today's times; and more so because garages are becoming more and more secure.

There are hundreds of models available in the genre of garage door openers, and the first step of choosing them is by identifying the kind of garage door you have at home. Since a garage door is the single largest piece of machinery in your home, it is necessary that you pay a lot of attention to choosing it. Almost all the styles of garage doors - ranging from the old styled carriage doors to the ultra modern split fold doors - have various models of garage door openers available. Once the door is finalized, the selection from which you need to make the final decision is ready.

Next is choosing the power you want in the motor of the garage door opener. Most of the common garage door openers come with an overhead motor of ½ HP. In reality it is not the power of the garage door opener that hoists the garage door. It is the power of the torsion springs that are connected to the motor. The machine just uses that pent up energy to move the garage door. So you don't need a very powerful motor. Some garage door opener models come with engines that are a bit more powerful - up to ¾ HP.

Garage Door OpenerInstalling the garage door opener will also depend on the height of the garage door at home. The general height of the garage door is about 8'7" max. For those garage doors, you can find springs and parts easily. If you have a garage that has a higher roof and a higher door, you will need to have extensions, and for that you will need to take the help of an expert.

Finally, it is choosing the advanced options you want in a garage door opener. While some models come with automatic lighting, some more options come with additional safety breaks. Some of the modern models are extra silent, while some are super fast. You can take your pick from the various models available depending on your fancy, and then call for installation. Whatever your garage door opener be, ensure that you pay close attention to the installation process, and then read the manual carefully. This will save a lot of angst later on.

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