Garage Door Spring Installation

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Garage Door Spring Installation

The upward and the downward movement in the garage doors is brought about by the garage door springs which are nothing but huge wire coils which help very much in the movement. Hence, it becomes all the more important that the installation process is taken care of completely so that it helps in a smooth functioning of the garage doors without causing any kind of damage. Though one can make use of the remote controls or the automatic garage doors, it is only with the help of the garage door springs the actual lifting and lowering of the garage doors kicks off.

Installation of the garage door springs differs with the kind of springs that are being employed in the garage doors. There are basically two types of garage door springs which are the torsion and the extension springs. These two types of springs are used in two different types of garage doors.

1. Sectional roll-away garage doors: Make use of two garage door torsion springs which are on both the sides of the top center of the door.

1. Swing-up garage doors: Make use of two garage door extension springs which are on either side of the door on the extending swing-arms.

So, if at all there is a mistake during the installation of these garage door springs there is a tremendous amount of tension that is created when they are extended and it might just give a dangerous drop either on the vehicle or on the person. Therefore, garage door springs, be it the torsion springs or the extension springs calls for absolutely careful installation process. Key installations like this are better fulfilled when dealt with by a certified technician and a professional in the field.

Do it yourself is not suggested as far as the garage door springs are concerned because if one loses control of the cable that is under tension or lose control over the spring they would end up with a maim and in very rare cases though might prove to be worse than that. You can find all kinds of services related to garage doors and exclusively garage door springs installation too. If you are seriously considering replacing or repairing the existing garage door springs, you may call in for our professional help who would visit your place to give you the right kind of guidance with relation to garage door spring installation.

Both the types of garage door springs bear a weight of three hundred pounds and more and at the outset the lifting and lowering of the garage doors appear to be very simple. Generally the life span of these springs is for seven thousand openings performed and it may run into seven or more years before they actually give a problem or a need arises that they be replaced. As there are too many dangers involved in the garage door spring installation, it is advised that the job be entrusted only to a certified technician who is insured for no one can predict what might happen at a given point in time.

Garage Door Spring Installation

Our expert technicians are certified, licensed and insured too and will be able to tackle all kinds of installation, service, repair and maintenance too of everything related to the garage doors. And when you call our professional for the installation process, he will do the entire task in an hour's time when compared to the long hours it would take for you if you did the installation all by yourself. Call us for an estimate or we can send our professional over to your place so that he could evaluate your place and assess what kind of springs need to be installed for the conditions that prevail over your place. And in case it is something really urgent you may seek live help and we will immediately send our certified technicians the very same day for servicing or installing whatever you require.

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