Garage Door Spring Adjustment

Installing a garage door will require a set of tools!

Garage Door Spring Adjustment

If you have taken a close look at your garage door, you will see that the most abused parts in the garage door are the springs. There are two kinds of springs in use in garage doors -

  • 1. Torsion springs, and
  • 2. Extension springs.

While torsion springs are mounted on the roof of the garage door and give power to the motor to move the door, extension springs are mounted along the side of the garage door and extend to close and compress to open the door.

One thing you would have heard from garage owners is that it is dangerous to repair or replace garage door springs by yourself. They are perfectly right, and there have been cases where the home owner has been fatally injured because of tinkering around with these heavy springs - especially the torsion ones. So if something happens to your garage door springs, just call your service expert. They will come prepared with the necessary tools and since they're trained, they'll get your garage door up to speed in a jiffy!

One tip before we talk more about adjusting the garage door springs - if one spring is broken; make sure that you replace the other one also. Don't just replace the one which is broken, as the next one also will be right behind! Replacing both springs together will give your garage door better strength and support.

While adjusting the garage door springs, it is of utmost importance that the tension in the springs be released completely before the springs are unmounted or adjusted. Even if there is a bit of tension left in the spring, it will cause havoc to the garage and the user as well. To release the tension completely in extension springs - a.k.a. side mounted springs, you can just open the garage door completely till you hear a click - which means the door is open completely.

Garage Door Spring AdjustmentIt is the torsion spring that causes a lot of trouble if in need of adjustment. That is because torsion springs can only be adjusted when fully stretched, i.e. the door in fully down position. That is why it is advised that a newbie don't try and make the necessary adjustments. A C-clamp is put on the track, and then with the right tools, the adjustment is made.

In the early days of automatic garage doors, the springs used to cause quite a bit of trouble. However, with time, the alloys being used in these springs also has become stronger, and that is why we rarely see major complaints when it comes to garage door spring adjustment. The common ones like creaking noises, clunking sounds, and so on can be adjusted by an expert in a few minutes. Like we said at the beginning of this page, it is the springs that go through maximum wear and tear among all the parts of a garage door. So it is worth it to check on the various springs atleast once a month, so that you can prevent a mishap.

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