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Roseville is a charming city in Placer County, California. Part of the greater Sacramento metropolitan area, Roseville's population is expected to exceed 130,000 people by 2015. The rainy winters help fill all the different streams that run through the city. Shopping is a popular pastime in Roseville, which boasts one of the largest auto malls in the country. A garage door repair company in Roseville can expect a lot of business, as the city has maintained its infrastructure even during times of rapid growth.

A garage door is one of the largest and heaviest moving objects in a house. To make the door easier to lift, springs are used. There are two kinds of garage door springs. Extension springs are usually located on either side of the garage door opening, these can be found on older and smaller doors. These require cables to safely contain the spring if it snaps, and can be repaired by a very determined homeowner. Torsion springs are located above the door, and can be very dangerous to replace when broken. Most of the homes in the area are newer, with larger garages. Professionals from a garage door company in Roseville should be called to replace broken or damaged torsion springs.

The springs that help open a garage door can also provide lift for an electric garage door opener. The Genie company specializes in screw drive motors, which can be slow but are also extremely reliable and require little maintenance. Marantec motors can use an affordable chain drive or a quiet, smooth opening belt drive. All three types of garage door openers are produced by Sears Craftsman, Liftmaster, and Chamberlain. A local Roseville garage door service can help homeowners decide what type of garage door opener will work best for that home and family.

In order to extend the life of a garage door, the homeowner can do regular maintenance four times a year. After inspecting the moving parts to see that everything is running smoothly, a coat of light spray oil can be applied for proper lubrication. Due to the high potential for serious injury, homeowners should contact a professional Roseville garage door company about repairs such as spring adjustments

A remote garage door opener is a great convenience to many homeowners. The technology for these remotes has advanced significantly in the past two decades, with the rolling code technology first offered by Genie Intellicode. This system changes the code that links the remote to the garage door opener, preventing the remote from opening the wrong door. Liftmaster Security also uses the rolling code system, while the Clicker brand also offers a remote that will open two doors of different brands. The Multi Code system uses the older dip switch system that requires the homeowner to manually set a static code between the door and opener.

Garage door safety sensors are a very important safety device that has been incorporated in all newer garage doors. Also called photo eye sensors and infrared sensors, these devices keep children, pets, and personal properly from being damaged or injured by a closing door. If something interferes with the sensors, the door will stop closing.

Garage door installation can be extremely difficult and should usually be performed by a knowledgeable Roseville garage door company. Tilt-up doors are the easiest to replace, but can look outdated. Roll-up sectioned aluminum, wood, steel, or glass doors can give a home a modern look and provide curb appeal as well as ease of use.

When a garage door is off track or the emergency release is broken, a smart homeowner knows to call one of Roseville's garage door services. These companies can also replace a single damaged section of a door, saving the homeowner the cost of replacing the entire door. Weather strip and rubber insulation are difficult and frustrating to install properly, and can be done at the same time as other repairs.

A properly functioning garage door should be easy for a single person to lift, and should stay in position rather than springing open or falling closed. If the door does not open smoothly, the track may be bent. Minor bends can be hammered out, but a badly bent track should be replaced. There should be cables that run from drums at the top corners and attach at the bottom of the door to take advantage of the springs. If a door is easy to lift on one side and very heavy on the other, it may have a loose or broken cable, or a cable may have come off the track. Part of the difficulty of fixing these problems is lifting a, extremely heavy door. While some homeowners attempt this type of repairs, a specialized Roseville garage door company can perform them safely and easily.

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