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Antioch is located on the banks of the San Joaquin River in Northern California. This is a popular place to lice because it one of the few places in the bay area that offers affordable housing. There are houses for all different levels of incomes. The weather here is pretty warm in the summer months. It reaches 90 on its hottest days. The coldest that it gets in Antioch is 40 degrees. There is a lot to do in Antioch like the like the County Fair, playing a round of Golf, or roaring down slides at the Prewett Family Water Park. This is a great city to visit and to live. Because of the variety of income houses this city brings a lot of residents there. Since these houses have garages with garage doors there is a garage door company in Antioch that can help you with all your needs.

The garage door company of Antioch will help you with broken spring repair/replacement. There are two different springs that come on your garage doors. There is the torsion spring and the extension spring. The extension spring is used for lighter doors like a sectional door for example. They are put on the top of the door on the back of the upper tracks. The torsion spring is for heavier doors. These are put on both sides of the door. These are very dangerous to replace by yourself and should never be attempted on your own. You should always call the professionals at the garage door company in Antioch to do these replacements for you.

On garage doors you will need to have an opener installed. The garage door opener can keep you from having to strain your back lifting the door everyday. You can also use the garage door opener to open the door as you pull into the driveway. There are several kinds of garage door openers. There is Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears, and Marantec. There are three different kinds of systems for the garage doors. There is the belt drive, the chain drive and the screw drive. Again because these can be complicated to install you should always call a professional at the garage door company in Antioch to install them for you.

In order to keep your garage door running smoothly you need to keep the maintenance up on it at all times. A few of the things that come with regular maintenance is adjusting the door springs and regularly maintenance lubrication some of this you can do by yourself. There is some you may have to have professionals come in and do for you. It is a good idea that you have someone from the garage door company in Antioch come inspect your garage once a year to make sure that everything is good working order.

There are several remotes you can buy for your garage door. A few of them are the Liftmaster security, Genie Intellicode, Clicker, Multi Code. All of these remotes will open your garage door with a touch of a button.

If you use a garage door remote to open your garage door then you need safety sensors. These safety sensors will detect if anything is under the door. If there is it will reverse and open again. There are photo eyes that can sense when there is an object that is underneath them. There are infrared sensors that have lasers. If these lasers cannot meet then they know there is something under the door. It will stop and reverse itself.

Garage Door Replacement / Installation are another aspect of your garage doors. There is a time when your garage door may become so old and worn out that you may need to replace it. There are different kinds of doors like Garage door windows, Aluminum garage doors, Steel garage doors, Wood garage doors, Craftsman garage doors, and Glass garage doors. This is all a matter of preference. Call a technician from the Garage Door Company in Antioch to help you with this installation.

Your garage door needs to be repaired as needed. Some things that may need repairing are door off track, broken emergency release, replace section of garage door, weather Strip and bottom garage door rubber.

Other things you may have problems are as with the garage door cables & tracks. Some of the things that can go wrong are things like cable snapped, cable lose, cable came off the drum, broken cable, replace garage track and the repair bent garage door track.

All of these things are important to smooth running of the garage door. With help with all of these and many more issues contact a professional at the garage door company in Antioch.

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