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El Dorado Hills is a mostly rural part of the Sacramento metropolitan area with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Though the population remains under 50,000, this is one of the largest master planned communities in California. The mild climate allows residents to hunt, fish, hike, and mountain bike comfortably year-round. Even owners of rural property can benefit from the service of an El Dorado Hills garage door company.

There are two types of springs that are used to help a garage door open easily. Extension springs are common in this area, these are found on either side of the door opening and usually on smaller or older garage doors. Torsion springs are found above the door. While the most enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers can tackle extension spring replacement, an experienced El Dorado Hills garage door service should be consulted for replacing the incredibly dangerous torsion springs.

An electric garage door opener saves a lot of time and effort. The Genie brand is known for its reliable screw drive motors. Marantec openers offer the option of an affordable chain or a quiet belt. Liftmaster, Sears Craftsman, and Chamberlain sell motors of all three types. Consult a local El Dorado Hills garage door service for advice on what type of motor will best suit a particular garage.

A responsible homeowner knows to inspect and lubricate the moving parts of a garage door mechanism four times a year. The mild winters in the El Dorado Hills area make seasonal maintenance difficult to remember. Spring and track adjustments are best left to the professionals, due to the potential for injury involved in working with springs.

A garage door remote is a major convenience, especially on a rural property. Homes with few neighbors may choose an older static code system like Multi Code. Those with close neighbors may want the security and advantage of a rolling code system like those offered by Clicker, Liftmaster Security, and Genie Intellicode. This type of system helps prevent neighbors' remotes from opening the wrong door.

Families with children and pets will be safer and more secure with a garage door sensor system. If a door predates the requirement of safety sensors, it should be replaced by a garage door company in El Dorado Hills. Often called infrared sensors or photo eye sensors, these safety devices prevent the garage door from closing when something is underneath. If the beam is broken or the door makes contact with an object, it should reverse automatically.

Old or unsafe garage doors should be replaced, ideally by an experienced garage door company. El Dorado Hills has some excellent local services that know what type of doors work best for this area. Tilt-up wooden doors will need to be replaced again before long, while insulated steel doors are largely unneeded for the mild winters here. Sectioned wood or aluminum doors are an excellent choice for a more classical look, while glass doors look very modern.

A broken emergency release or a garage door off track can be a saftey hazard as well as an annoyance. Adding weather stripping or rubber to the bottom of a garage door can keep water out, but is another massive headache for a homeowner. A reliable El Dorado Hills garage door company can even replace a single section of a garage door instead of the entire door.

A bent garage door track or a broken or loose cable can make a garage door extremely heavy and difficult to open. A professional garage door service in El Dorado Hills can repair or replace a minorly bent track, which is more useful though slightly less satisfying than whacking it with a hammer. Cable and track repairs often entail opening a heavy garage door without the aid of springs. El Dorado Hills residents may want to consider hiring a professional rather than rounding up a few friends for this type of task.

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