Garage Door Opener Parts

Installing a garage door will require a set of tools!

Garage Door Opener Parts

It is a known fact that the garage door is the single largest moving piece of machinery in a house, and hence additional care needs to be taken to ensure that it remains well maintained and safe. One of the best ways of doing that is by putting up an automatic garage door opener, so that the operation of the door gets streamlined.

In the initial days of the garage door opener, however, the biggest challenge was to get parts if something went wrong - and it did quite often! Today's garage door openers are a whole new ball game, and they are virtually error free. Hardly anything goes wrong in them - much like the other kinds of electronics we use at home, and even if something goes wrong, it is quite easy to do the repairing. In fact, most of the home owners repair their garage door openers themselves, and unless something serious has conked off, it can be done.

The reason is that there are few major parts in the opener. Normally, these are the ones which are found in garage door openers.

  • The Track
  • Counter Balance Springs
  • Counter Balance Cables
  • Electronic Garage Door Unit
  • Automatic Lights
  • Remote Control

Of these, the ones that are of utmost importance are the torsion springs, also known as the counter balance springs. But the springs are quite taut and unless the home owner knows what he's doing, he can hurt himself by twiddling with it.

The beauty of the modern garage door openers is that they are mostly sealed pieces, meaning that there will not need to be a mechanic on call for you. Most of them will anyway come with a warranty ranging from a few months to a couple of years. During that time, any requirement you might have will be taken care of without an additional cost; and there is a hint for you - choose a garage door opener that comes with a good period of warranty coverage. The part which is most likely to develop a problem is the counter balance spring. Due to constant wear and tear, the pressurized spring may get jammed or become loose, and repairing that is quite easy when you call in a service professional. Unlike in the early days of the door openers, today's manufacturers have a great network of service staff, and there is also a huge network of authorized service places which can be accessed online.

Unlike what people think, the electronic garage door unit does not develop complaints usually. That is because it is not that part which really hoists up a door. What it does it use the laws of physics to counter balance the torsion and the cables / springs are what really carry the load of the door. Else, a small motor can't hoist up a heavy door, can it?

If and when something goes wrong, just make sure that you use genuine spares to replace the ones that are worn out. This will enhance the life of your garage door opener greatly.

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