Garage Door Spring Repair: Only For Professionals?

Garage door spring repair has long been touted as something that only professionals can do. This has cast doubts amongst home owners who somehow believe that they can perform this task with the aid of a manual. But how dangerous is repairing your garage door spring at all? Is it indeed a task that is too difficult even for an experienced do-it-yourself person? After all, garage door springs visually do not seem to be as hazardous as they are labelled to be.

There are two types of garage door springs used for sectional doors: torsion or side-mounted. Like any other use for a door spring, both types come into play when the garage door is opened and closed. Torsion springs are found on top of the garage door frame and extends along a shaft to lift the door from a closed position. On the other hand side-mounted springs are located on each side of the garage door frame. With the help of pulleys, they act as the lifter of the garage door.

It is easy to understand why garage door companies do not recommend a DIY for garage door spring repairs. It is mainly because the spring tensions are usually tight and in the event of an uncontrolled release, the garage door could blow you right smack on the face, resulting in serious physical injury. Because of real life occurrence and testimonies of accidents relating to garage door spring repairs, most people would prefer calling their garage door repair service.

However, many courageous people, too, have braved this task alone! With only the help of a manual, some have successfully repaired their garage door springs. Handymen, engineers, and experienced labourers do not have to call their local garage door service to have their springs adjusted. In essence, you have to assess the gravity of your garage door spring problem and make a wise decision based on practical knowledge. If in doubt, don't attempt! Although there is what they call an intelligent risk, it might not be worth the money saved especially if you have children or pets at home.

In conclusion, a garage door spring repair is not strictly for professionals alone although this is the best advised option. If you believe (not only think) that you can accomplish this task without compromising your safety, then go ahead and do a DIY! But if you are having second thoughts about it, you can ask help from a neighbour or friend who is experienced in garage door spring repairs. If you don't mind spending a few bucks, hire a professional garage door installation or repair service from a reputable garage door company in your area.

The most common torsion springs have about 10,000 cycles before they begin to slacken. By this time, the garage door springs would be loose and would need a little adjusting. Do not wait too long to have your springs repaired! The best way to maintain your garage door springs is to have them checked regularly by a garage door service. But it is much easier if you do the inspection yourself! Keep a schedule of visual inspections and adjustments of bolts and screws. Garage doors also have other essential hardware parts that need to be kept in good condition as well. Maintaining your garage door is a must, if you want to preserve its condition for a long time. In addition, a well-conditioned garage door enhances the value of your home significantly.

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