Choosing the Best Garage Door for Your Home

A garage door speaks volumes on the house and its residents. If you are constructing a house or planning to replace your existing garage door, the toughest part should be deciding on which type you should have installed. It is vitally important to match your new garage door to the style or theme of your home. For example, a Spanish-Mediterranean design house will look stunning with a wooden garage door set in black iron casting.

But the choices and possibilities are limitless! With the presence of so many garage door companies trying to outwit one another, the decision process can be very tedious. Listening to a garage door service salesman who will say just about anything to close a deal will sometimes lead you to the wrong path. Most often than not, you end buying a garage door that you haven't even considered in the first place!

Steel garage doors are the most common not only because they are less expensive but also because they cost very little to maintain. Any garage door company will typically recommend one made of steel and further show you the different designs available in the material. Steel doors do not need to be painted especially if you have a modern house - your steel garage door should be a stylish and sleek accessory to match the overall design of your home. However, you can have a steel garage door painted and finished if you wish.

Wooden garage doors are the versatile type - commonly used for traditional homes or country style homes. They are significantly more expensive than the steel garage doors because they have to be painted or stained for protection and maintenance from harsh weather conditions, but they have a distinct charm that lends warmth and personality to a home. Wooden garage doors can be custom built by your garage door company, with options for insulation.

Vinyl garage doors are becoming increasingly popular in the market, because they are long-lasting and practically rust-free. In addition, they are not prone to scratch marks, unlike steel or wooden garage doors. The only problem is they cost substantially more than other garage doors, and they are harder to find as garage door companies usually don't carry it in stock. Vinyl garage doors have to be pre-ordered and could take up to two weeks to arrive. On the outset, the vinyl garage door would look like it is made from steel and it is only upon closer inspection that you realize it is not.

Finally, composite garage doors are making a grand entrance in the construction industry. As more and more people are getting environment conscious, the need for an eco-friendly garage door has risen unexpectedly. Manufactured from recycled wood, composite garage doors look similar to wooden garage doors. Your garage door service can also stain or repaint them according to your preference. Like every other type of garage door, the composite garage door can also be insulated.

Garage doors can live up to more than 10 years, if given proper maintenance. To ensure that it does, have your garage door service visit and inspect your garage door regularly. This will put in a lot of savings for you in the long run. Ultimately, choosing the best garage door for your home is basically subjective, as it is the homeowner who has the final say based on personality and taste. Purchasing a garage door is a substantial investment and should be given careful thought. A wise and educated consumer will not make up his mind on an impulse but instead, be aware of the available choices and his spending capacity.

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