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Garage Door Repair in Washougal 360-667-3232

As with every other product, garage doors are also sold in many designs, have different mechanisms installed and their effectiveness and durability depend on the quality of the initial materials. Washougal Garage Door Repair works with excellent providers such as Genie, Chamberlain, Craftsman, etc. The services we offer include all aspects of the garage door life cycle.

Washougal is located in Washington State and its population is around 14 000. It is a relatively small town situated near the Columbia River. Washougal has rich history which dates back to the 18-th century. Due to that fact that another river flows through the town, the whole place is quite nice for walks, outings and Sunday picnics. Washougal Garage Door Repair is a local company which deals with all services related to garage doors – we can offer impressive and functional designs, effective and useful additions, and of course – immediate assistance.

Garage doors can differ in many ways and it depends entirely on the client and his preferences which type of door he will buy. The prices vary, of course, and they depend on the material used, the extras installed or the cosmetic changes which are made accordingly. The doors can be painted in different colors and shades – the main idea is that they should match the remaining part of the house. The material which they are made of can be steel, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass etc. The last two types are lighter and more appropriate for a rainy weather with varying temperatures. Wooden garage doors are maybe the most expensive ones because of their quality – but they can also cause problems if not maintained properly. If the client wishes so, a window or a pedestrian door can be added to the garage door design as well. As far as the opening mechanisms of garage doors are concerned, they can be very different. Apart from manual opening, the garage door usually has the so called opener which is a special device installed at the top of the door on the inside of the garage. The motor in the opener determines the opening speed of the door and the power needed to perform this function. From a visual point of view, garage doors can be opened in an upward direction or on one side and they can be a single panel or divided in sections. Additional items are also a possibility and we offer a lot different extras – remote controls, infrared garage sensors, motion detecting devices, light switches and keypads, etc. You can check all possible combinations of products and choose the best option depending on your personal preferences, your house or the garage itself. Every item which you order has a high quality guarantee and warranty. A contract is immediately signed and all terms, conditions and prices are clearly outlined and marked.

In addition to the product set that you order, we also include services and here are the most common ones lately:

  • Garage door installation
  • Garage door opener installation and repair
  • Renewal of parts
  • Garage door troubleshooting
  • Torsion spring repair

If you want to see a full list of our garage door services visit us online. With Washougal Garage Door Repair you get the freedom to choose when and how to order and install your garage door.

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