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Garages are an important part of each home and office. Regardless of an establishment’s size, it’s one must-have that you can’t afford to live without. However, having one means having to deal with common problems associated with garage door openers which can put many people’s patience to the test.

Because today’s economic crunch continued to bore holes on people’s pockets, most have resulted to garage door diy services when their garage door openers started showing signs of wear. Since many do not the adequate garage door repair know-how, people end up spending more than they should because a big percentage of problems are related to mechanical dilemmas. While it’s not unwise to try to resolve minor garage door problems on your own, you should be able to tell which ones are fixable with your ingenuity and basic carpentry knoeledge. More often than not, people find out that they could have saved more money should they have contracted garage door service repairs from the beginning.

To help you decide if you should ring the garage door repair handyman or result to trusting your repair instincts, here is a list of some common problems encountered which you can actually fix:

1) Garage Door Opening and Closing Difficulty

Like any other steel machinery that’s usually put to frequent usage, garage door openers are susceptible to rust and tension. This is an expected condition especially when doors encounter water or just the stress of everyday use. No need to call a garage door repair company here since the problem boils down to just not having proper lubrication. To resolve this, you can buy any silicone- based lubricant in any local hardware store. Spray away on the hinges of the garage door and you’ll find that the mechanism usually smoothens up.

2) Noisy and Squeeky Garage Door Sound

Such problem is usually borne from a garage door’s door springs being so used up that it’s squeeking for its life. This may or may not require a garage door repair professional. The essential thing to do is check thoroughly if the noise just comes from a rusted set spring. Usually, a lubricant does the trick as well and it wouldn’t help to spray a hefty amount to the garage door springs. However, if that doesn’t work, it may be that the garage door pulls more weight than it should. If such noise persists, better to call a garage door repair professional to check because they may be a dangerous undertaking if the garage door cannot hold its weight any longer.

3) Door Not Closing Correctly or Acts Up In Reverse

These problems occur usually when there is a misalignment associated with the photo electric sensors connected in your garage doors. These photo electric sensors serve as the garage door’s safety mechanisms, which are usually mounted on either side bottom area of the door frame. For it to work properly, these sensors need to be in alignment with each other, otherwise, they send out a light flashing signal. What’s good is that you can actually adjust the alignment yourself. The lights will stop flashing once you have them correctly aligned. However, if the sensors do not work or there is no light indication whatsoever, it’s time to callus in Shenandoah Garage Door Repair an we'll be here to help you solve your garage door problem.

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