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Franconia Garage Door Repair 703-828-1107

We are garage door company situated in Franconia, our main business is garage door repairs and installation. Our mission is to increase the number of daily users of our garage doors. Franconia Garage Door Repair guarantees its customers excellent quality and accessibility in prices. We are flexible, we can customize your nonstandard preferences / requirements.

Criteria for selection garage doors:

  • The basis dilemma that arises is – buy a roller or sectional garage door? The fact is that the differences are not excessive in terms of price and quality.
  • Before purchasing garage doors is necessary to make a hole surveying (measure the width and height of opening, measure the height of the lintel, measure how many seats each side of the hole, if there is a minimum of 10 cm).
  • Headroom is a key thing that you can decide what kind of door you will buy. Rolling doors operate on the principle that blinds are rolled into the box above the door. For sectional garage door lintel height can be lower, from about 15 cm, but on the other hand you must have free spot on the ceiling at least as much as your door high + 50 cm, because sectional doors are under the garage ceiling when open.
  • Which engine to choose? Price depends on the strength of the engine.
  • Besides the engine, the price impact door panels. You must watch whether the panels are thermo-insulated and which is their thickness?

A characteristic feature of our business is a high standard of production and installation, which entails a multi-year warranty that we give to our customers on products and services. In addition to installing new garage doors, we offer repairs, upgrades and ongoing maintenance.

Our service team is at your disposal for a full annual service door, which is set when all elements of the garage door (if there was a shift during the sitting facility after completion of construction), they tune the spring system, lubricate the hinges and the wheel shaft, clean the guides (work of the door must be quiet and safe), they checked all the security elements.

Franconia Garage Door Repair manufactures supplies and installs automatic, sectional, insulated garage doors and industrial doors in the required dimensions. We are engaged in manufacturing and industrial garage doors made of compact sandwich panels with thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the automation of sliding and swing doors. Most popular doors we manufacture are Sectional garage door and Sectional glazed automatic doors.

Features of the Sectional garage door:

  • Thermally insulated garage door of double steel with a final layer of polyester
  • The performances – sheet with embossed rectangles and ribbed sheet
  • Additional security – unique finger protection and security system of springs to balance
  • A wide selection of sizes, colors and features that increase the look of your home
  • Additional quality – designed for easy installation and long-term use with minimal maintenance

Features of Sectional glazed automatic doors:

  • Their compact size leaves more space available inside and outside the premises.
  • These doors will ensure better use of interior sliding vertically along the wall and parallel to the ceiling. The doors are installed above the opening, thus ensuring better use of space.
  • Thermal insulation and soundproofing are provided by thermally insulated panels, which improve the working conditions of the premises and provide energy savings.
  • Glass doors provide maximum illumination within the premises and are aesthetically pleasing.
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