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Garage Door Repair in Bellaire 713-909-8000

If you have lived in Bellaire, TX, or any southeast Texas town, you are more than familiar with the mostly mild winters, the spectacular spring weather, and often stifling heat of summer. You also realize what an integral part your home’s garage has come to play in the cycle of these seasons. It’s not uncommon to drive down the street of any local, Bellaire, TX, neighborhood and see garage doors opened wide and the inhabitants either setting up for a garage sale, making more space for memories, working on cars, or just enjoying the cooler, shadowy, depths of the garage in a couple of lawn chairs.

Because garage door springs get such a work out, especially during the colder days of a Texas winter when we just don’t want to go outside to get in our cars, broken spring repair or replacement is not unlikely. Unless you are mechanically inclined, a qualified Bellaire, TX, garage door company will need to be contacted to have your garage door back in proper working condition in no time. It’s important to remember that continuing to open and close your garage door when it’s broken can result in further damage to the system as a whole.

Like most folks in Bellaire, TX, you might be confident you can do the job yourself. Keep in mind it is quite possible to lose a finger performing this tricky job if you aren’t highly practiced in changing:

  • torsion springs
  • external springs
  • galvanized garage door springs

At times, both springs may be broken or have come completely off the drums. If one spring is still wound and someone who is not a qualified garage door contractor attempts a repair, you may end up with a cable that breaks and lashes hard enough to cut through muscle and bone.

It just makes more sense to leave the repair of your garage door to the professional garage door service located conveniently close in your Bellaire, TX, neighborhood. Having the job done right and in a timely manner, leaves you with much more time to kick back on a Sunday afternoon, in your open garage with a few buddies, watching the Spurs or the Cowboys, while enjoying those perfect spring days or those sultry summer nights. Saying hello to the neighbors might even lead to one of those famous Texas block parties and memories that can last a lifetime.

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