Garage doors: Traditional or Modern?

Your house plays an integral part of your life, regardless of your marital status or how many children you have. A house is not merely a shelter; it is as well your place of comfort and a source of pride. Therefore, when plans of renovation or building a new house lie ahead, it is only natural to be excited and to rush forward to complete your vision.

The exterior portion of your house makes up for practically half of the total design. Not to mention your garage door, this claims about 30% of the total facade. If you ask why finding the right garage door for your home is critical in your design, the answer is because it should blend in with the style of your home and viewed spectacularly from the street. In fact, garage doors are the most noticeable portions of your home!

Traditional Garage Doors. Traditional garage doors are of course suitable for traditional style homes and complements the basic American or European styles. American-style doors can harmonize with Colonial, Victorian and Ranch houses while European-style doors go with Spanish, Mediterranean and French Country houses. Wooden garage doors are fabulous against these types of homes especially when matched with the same shade of wood tinting or painting on the houses exterior moulding or any other accenting wood. You can also choose between having a roller, sectional or swing wooden garage doors.

Carriage Garage Doors. Carriage garage doors are designed to resemble old carriage house doors that swing open. This simple operation is ideal for places that are not prone to harsh weather conditions because one would have to essentially get out of the car to open the garage door. Today, however, you can get carriage style doors that are foldable or automatic while still maintaining the essence of old-charm houses. Most carriage garage doors are also made of wood. Although these doors look quite rustic, they can still be used for contemporary homes.

Raised Panel Garage Doors. Raised panel garage doors are the most popular garage door replacement choices. This is because a raised panel garage door has an automated feature that simplifies the whole parking process. With an automatic raised panel garage door, you never need to get out of the car when the weather is foul. Materials for these types of doors vary from wood to metal to vinyl. These doors are also the most versatile, and can be used for all home designs.

Contemporary Garage Doors. Modern houses that are characterized by sleek, modern materials should be complemented with a contemporary garage door. These types of doors are most unconventional and unique, some are made from aluminium and tempered glass panels that look strikingly high-tech. Metal will also be a suitable material for a contemporary garage door. They can either be sectional, swing or roll up. Opting for a fully automatic garage door is a wise decision for maximum convenience.

A garage door is a reflection of the occupant's lifestyle and values. Garage door replacement can be done to homes which have been bought second hand, as well as to garage doors that have substantially deteriorated over the years. Home improvement is a natural part of every home owner's long term plan. Getting a new garage door is most likely to be one of the top projects in the list.

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