Automatic Garage Doors: Benefits and Disadvantages

Most home owners would rather have an automatic garage door than a manual garage door simply because of its convenience. The world we live in is getting fast-paced, and catching up on that firm reality is essential to be able to connect with other people. Technology has set upon us many huge benefits in terms of advancements in communication and expediency. In the housing and construction industry, the use of automatic garage doors has gained a widespread audience. People basically accept new and modern innovations because they present the most in practicality and functionality.

Automatic garage doors save you the time consumed on actually getting out of the car, opening the manual garage door, getting back inside the car, driving through the garage, and finally closing the garage door. How long this parking process will take! But if you have an automatic garage door, it lifts without manual help by the mere push of a button. Can you imagine how much time that will save you?

Automatic garage doors also protect you from the weather during certain seasons. In the winter when temperatures are extremely harsh, you can park your car inside the garage in one piece - without getting wet, cold and damp. This is also one of the many great advantages of choosing an automatic garage door.

Like all good things, automatic garage doors have their own disadvantages. First, they are pricier compared to manual garage doors. But then again, a bit of luxury has a certain price to pay! So if you have a budget that is good enough for a new garage door installation, getting an automatic garage door is still a brilliant choice. As opposed to manual garage doors, automatic garage doors are more complicated to install. Manual garage doors need only to be framed and mounted on frames and brackets, requiring little or no technical or electrical measures. Automatic garage door installation takes a bit more time because of the many overlying procedures that have to be completed.

In the maintenance side, manual garage doors are easier to maintain clearly because the operation is rather simple. On the other hand, automatic garage doors need to be checked regularly for testing, oiling, and proper installation of bolts, screws, and other hardware. However, if your manual garage door is made of steel, it will be essentially more durable and can withstand cruel weather conditions. It is very important to lubricate your garage door always, no matter what type it is, to keep operations smooth and easy-going.

One of the biggest and most popular attractions of automatic garage doors is the remote control feature. Perhaps this is exactly the point of sale or the deciding factor for many garage door shoppers. Remote control garage doors make driving home and parking at your garage more pleasant especially when the weather is bad. In addition, remote controls have automatic lock-in codes for maximum security. Your car insurance premiums can get a significant discount if you inform them of the extra measures you take to protect your vehicles at home. Having an automatic garage door is one of the best decisions that you can ever make, and if you take pains in regularly keeping it in excellent shape, it can last a lifetime!

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